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Why should state & federal agencies choose Galvis & Co.?

Founded in New York City and being women- and minority-owned and operated, we understand the thoroughness, attention, and high standards that state and federal contracts require and demand. Our legal team at Galvis & Co. shares these values as well. Not only can we provide the detailed and essential level of customized services that municipal agencies need, but we also use our experience and dedication in a way that leads to smooth engagements and successful results for our clients. Our goal is not only to meet your standards; we aim to exceed them.


Galvis & Company LLC (“Galvis & Co.”) is a licensed and insured, full-service law firm.
We provide legal counsel and services connected to trademarks, copyrights, commercial contracts and transactions, social media and entertainment, to support the goals and initiatives of federal, state, and local agencies and federal and state contractors. We also maintain and rely on an extensive network of seasoned attorneys and specialty law firms with vetted experience in their respective fields (federal, regulatory, or compliance matters (i.e.,
FCC/FTC/AML/FCPA) to provide sound, well-rounded legal advice in areas typically outside of our routine areas of practice. Hablamos espanol.

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  • Legal Counsel
  • Business Formation & Corporate Governance
  • Trademark & Copyright Registration, Maintenance, & Enforcement
  • Drafting & Negotiating Commercial Contracts
  • Social Media and Entertainment Law


541110 – Lawyers’ Private Practices/Offices
541990 – All Other Professional Services (Legal)
541611 – Admin/Gen. Mgmt Consulting Services
533110 – Licensing: Performance Rights, Brand Name, Trademark
512250 – Master Recording Leasing and Licensing
531120 – Commercial Building and Office Leases

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