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Trademarks, Copyrights, & IP

Having exclusive rights to use your brand name or logo protects your customers from subpar imitations of your product or service.


We currently manage over 30 trademark brands for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the cannabis, hospitality, food, entertainment, professional services, philanthropic, nonprofit, and sports industries. We can also help you file for trademark registration in other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Latin American, the Caribbean, Europe, the U.K., the Middle East, and Asia.


When you secure exclusive legal rights to your content, you reserve the right to copy, reproduce, or distribute that content and can legally demand others not do so without your written permission (also known as “licensing” or a “license”).

Next Steps!

If you are ready to apply for trademark registration, please tell us more about your company’s brand and we will contact you within 72 business hours. If you still have questions about trademarks, watch our video, “Registering Trademarks for Your New Business” for more information or book a consultation.

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